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Can we talk about these two gifs? Nikita writers have retconned before. (In ep. 6, Nikita tells Alex that she found Alex in the basement of the Udinov mansion and actually showed a clip of Nikita looking into the shed. We later on find out that Nikita lied and the rest is history. The reason why this is a bad retcon is because in ep. 4 we clearly see Alex hiding under the bed where Nikolai is killed by Nikita. Sure Alex was unconscious when Nikita delivered her to ‘safety’ but before then, Alex was nowhere near the cellar.)

Anyway, is this new scene another retcon? Nikita had a good relationship with her foster mother according to Glass Houses. That was the only reason why she stayed in that abusive home because once her foster mother died, she ran away. I don’t think it ever mentioned that Nikita came from multiple foster homes and now, we’re told that her foster mom allowed Nikita to be abused? Confused? Thoughts? Anyjuan?

I remember in the first episode, when Nikita goes back to her foster father, she yelled at him and broke is hand for being so horrible to her, right? It’s a bit blurry, but that’s what I can remember. Maybe, she had a good and bad relationship with her foster mother? I don’t remember what exactly was said in “Glass Houses” but maybe, she was trapped in that house because of her foster mother, and she took the opportunity after her death to leave? However, if this is a retcon, then it’s a pretty big one, since it’s completely changing the way Nikita was brought up, and we all know that her past has a huge impact on who she is now. If it is a retcon, then the writers must have a really good reason for doing it. And especially in front of Amanda. 

In the Pilot, she talks about how Gary let the place physically fall apart after her foster mother’s death but that’s all really. In Glass Houses, she tells the kid that she only had a foster mother with whom she felt loved and the love was so strong that Nikita deeply held onto it. This implies that her foster mother, Caroline was the only good thing that kept Nikita going/living and when she died, there was nothing else for her which made it easy to get into the wrong crowd because Nikita was looking to be loved. Nikita even told Alex in 2.0 that she should continue to live even in her darkest times (which really meant to find balance, not revenge). We could assume that Nikita continued to live post-Caroline because of that love.

This retcon basically that Nikita has felt betrayed by maternal love repeatedly and that she had nothing good to hold onto in her entire youth until Carla. Nikita later finds that with Carla who gave the love Nikita sought for but because Carla couldn’t see her on death row, Nikita felt betrayed which was why she was hostile to Amanda at first. Though, while Carla died, I think Nikita knows that Carla still loved her even though she sided with Percy. If this retcon was done to intensify the relationship between Nikita and Amanda, it’s bad because you would think Nikita would have fallen into trouble earlier before she ran away. I think this would have changed Nikita’s personality in that she probably would have been more absorbed into Division’s clutches that she wouldn’t have gone rogue. She might not have developed relatively ‘healthy’ relationships with people.

Just an odd retcon but then again, most retcons are pretty jarring.

If I may chip in here… I think Carla ended up playing the role that her foster mother was supposed to… as the woman who ‘saved’ Nikita and whose death/disappearance made Nikita fall apart.